Noir is a smooth and elegant style for Growl, a notification framework intended to unify all passive user alerts from different applications. Growl is widely supported accross Mac OS X software, used in applications such as Adium, Transmission, Panic's Coda, and various Twitter clients including Tweetie and Twitterific. In order to fit in with the native look and feel of the rest Mac OS X, Noir aims to be as simply beautiful (and as beautifully simple) as possible.

Originally created by Wilson Miner, a web designer for major websites such as EveryBlock and, the project has since been updated and moved to its own page. Here, it will continue to be maintained and supported by Fletcher Tomalty.

A screenshot of a notification sent from the GrowlMail plugin using the Noir Growl style. An example of the style when a notification is sent from the Panic's Coda.
The notification sent from CoverSutra after a new song starts playing in iTunes. The Growl preview notification.